Ziva D’or is a company specializing in the design and production of accessories and bags that are created in a tranquil studio in Tel Aviv, with each product receiving our full attention and love.
Designer Ziva believes that the external appearance has an inward effect on our souls, creating joy and happiness. When designing, she sees the customers in her mind’s eye, what they would like to emphasize and what to conceal – she enters a mysterious world and studies it.
The designer’s signature is easily identifiable, being distinctive and characterized by thinking outside the box.
Every week, a new object is created based on a new inspiration, in a wide range of styles, and in numerous combinations of shapes, colors and materials. The products are made of premium quality leather that is imported from Italy, and is inlaid with Swarovski crystals.
All metals are coated with high quality 24 Carat gold. Every product is produced in a limited number, and some products are produced as an individual limited edition. The chain has 8 successful branches in Israel.

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